ISIS Travel offers arrange of personalized and high level services to meet the various requirements of our clients. Thanks to the efficiency and capabilities of the company’s staff and its broad network, from the moment clients land on Egyptian soil until the moment they take off –every little detail throughout our clients’ stay is smoothly taken care of.

Meet & Assist:

From the moment our clients land until they depart, they are taken care of by our multilingual staff, which meet them at the airport and assist them throughout their stay; from passport control and baggage claim, to car pick-up and hotel check-in, our capable staff ensure a smooth and quick arrival and departure for our clients so that they do not have to deal with the hassle of queuing in long lines or filling out lots of paperwork.

Hotel Reservation & Check-in:

All the hotel properties we recommend to our clients must maintain a high standard – no matter how many stars. Thus, we do regular checks on the properties we recommend, and throughout their stay, we speak with our clients to get their feedback to enable us to better serve them. In addition, we understand that after a long day of traveling, guests want to check into their hotel rooms as soon as possible, thus we fill out the hotel registration for all our guests so that they can walk into their rooms a short while after arrival.

Quality Transportation Services:

Our fleet of modern, air-conditioned busses and cars are well maintained so as to ensure the comfort of all our clients as they travel from one destination to another. We manage more than 200 buses and Cheap price and high quality swiss movement for ladies and men!
limos that drive our passengers anywhere in Egypt. To further ensure our clients’ safety, our qualified drivers’ come with several years of driving experience. A first-aid kit is also placed in every vehicle for safety reasons.

Experienced Egyptologists:

We understand that an extremely knowledgeable guide is often the key to a truly unique experience. That is why at ISIS Travel we employ only the most expert, impressionable Egyptologists, fluent in a variety of our clients’ languages. By retaining the best in the field, we can ensure that our Egyptologists impart our clients with thorough, insightful, yet entertaining information on the history of Ancient Egypt during their daily excursions to the ancient sites.

Restaurant Bookings:

Looking to enjoy a certain type of cuisine in a certain kind of ambience, but don’t know where to go? Our staff knows most of the restaurants and bars in the city and can easily recommend the perfect place for what you have in mind. Furthermore, they are more than happy to book it for you, so all you are required to do is show up at the allotted time and have an enjoyable evening.